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Throughout its first year in operation during the 2021/22 academic year, MHPI began to develop its first Impact Assessment, to understand the challenges posed to student mental health by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated shift to remote/hybrid learning.

This initiative continued into the 2022/23 academic year where MHPI built upon this initial effort to help create a dialogue on mental health between students and their university, based on mutual understanding and respect. Mental health affects us all, and only together can we make strides in this vital area of shared concern.

During the 2023/24 school year, MHPI published its third annual Impact Assessment Report. Building on previous findings, this report investigates factors impacting student mental health and provides recommendations on how to address these concerns. 

In the 2024/25 year, MHPI plans to facilitate the implementation of the Impact Assessment recommendations and continue cultivating a culture of care and wellness for students. 

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