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Our Mission

We aim to support the development of a "Culture of Care" that permeates all aspects of our academic community and beyond.  

Our Goals

Awareness: We aim to educate fellow policy professionals, as well as the broader community, on topics and issues related to mental health (and to continue our learning journey ourselves!) 

Advocacy: In our capacity as a student-led initiative, we wish to draw attention to mental health challenges faced by those in our community and the ways in which these challenges may be addressed. 

Community-building: Mental health affects us all, and is a growing area of focus for policy development. By exposing students to the ways in which mental health intersects with policy, we hope to contribute to the advancement of this subject as students continue their journey both through school and into the workforce. We also aim to grow the linkages between students of different program cohorts, in order to build community through this topic of shared concern here at the school.

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